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Pictures from Bali Indonesia

On this website you can find pictures from Bali, Indonesia. Most of them taken by me, very few of them taken by a friend. The date of the pictures ranges from about the year 2000 until 2018. Some pictures are personal, some about life on Bali. Some are real estate pictures. Being busy with the site and pictures make me dream a little about this tropical island, with all its quirks, beauty and ugliness. Life on Bali can be great, if you know where to look. If pictures of rice paddies is what you expect, this site will probably not be for you.  Looking for a long term rental in North Bali? North Bali Villas, Long Term Rentals

Bali Black White 01256 - Bali Pictures IndonesiaGarden - Bali Pictures IndonesiaBali 2007 Merdeka 32 - Bali Pictures IndonesiaBali 2007 Merdeka 34 - Bali Pictures Indonesia
A Bedroom - Bali Pictures IndonesiaOriginal Bath Tub - Bali Pictures IndonesiaVilla View - Bali Pictures IndonesiaNorth Bali Resort 30 - Bali Pictures Indonesia
Bali Black White 01246 - Bali Pictures IndonesiaPemuteran House Garden - Bali Pictures IndonesiaWoodcarving In Bedroom - Bali Pictures IndonesiaHouse Entrance - Bali Pictures Indonesia
Fashion Bali Girl 0762 - Bali Pictures IndonesiaFashion Bali Girl 0708 - Bali Pictures IndonesiaRomantic Bed - Bali Pictures IndonesiaBali Black White 01253 - Bali Pictures Indonesia